Over the next weeks, we will be chatting with some audio professionals (Live and Studio Engineers, Record Producers, Arrangers, Mastering Engineers, Sistem Engineers); we will be asking all of them the same questions. We trust that these interviews will both inspired and informed you.

This week we feature Jürgen von Wechmar


1. When does it happen? When does a mix leave the realm of chaos to hit the stage of clarity?
The mix proses starts with discerning the content and establishing the vibe/soul/sound for the mix – Its identity. From there its working to the goal of serving the song to be the best mix it could be within its identity.

2.  Your greatest inspiration is?
Any music that has been well crafted, form songwriting to production to recording to mix. Everyday I hear great new music that’s fresh and exiting and this inspires me to be innovative.

3.  Your top 3 production / mixing values without which you will never mix / produce?
Be a true Producer/Engineer and work accordingly. Have good admin and hygiene in you project – lots of great songs are flawed with bad production admin and messy tracks which makes the mix process tedious.

The client (artist) is mostly right. Its their song and their dream. You can advise but ultimately the artist has to sell the song and can only do that successfully if they are very passionate and proud about their product

Don’t cut corners. The client believes in you, that’s why they hire you. Give your best effort with each project!

4.  Your top 3 all time albums?
There’s way more than 3… to many to list

5.  The 3 most frequent mistakes “inexperience” makes?
Not paying attention to the 3 values in (3)

6. The question everyone asks you?
Do you really know how to work all those knobs?

7. Your most memorable mistake?
Vocals are the most important element! Always!

8. Your current influences?
All music/genre’s that excites me does play an influence, from hip-hop – classical.

9. A crazy production story (studio or live)?
Every project is a journey and they all have their special moments. The realm of being creative is the best space to be in!

10. The advise no one gave you that you would have love to have had when you started?
Follow the 3 values in (3) , and vocals are always King

11. What do you do to keep your productions / mixes fresh?
Build a toolbox of  great mixing techniques, but always push the boundaries. Exploring new ideas always pays off!

12. Your greatest ever production / mixing lesson gained?
Serve the song

13. The recommendation you would love to give to any producer / engineer (especially young ones)?
Follow the 3 values in (3) and vocals are King.

14. Anything else you would like to add?
Be humble and have fun! Nobody likes a smart-ass with bad vibes.

More about Jürgen and his studio
Facebook – Sunset Recording Studios – Jürgen Von Wechmar – Sunset Recording Studios – Sunset Recording Studios


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