Everyone can hear, but we are not all qualified sound experts. If you need “sound” advise, your most valuable investment would be to consult with an experienced audio consultant before spending money.

Over the years, we have had the privilege of travelling around the world, teaching, consulting and engineering. Having done work in hundreds of venues and in many studios, we can recall only a few places where the necessary steps were taken to create an environment where hearing comes easy.

Not only is the wrong gear very often bought, but even more often the equipment purchased is wrongly used by untrained people, which leads to poor sound quality. Furthermore, shops which sell sound equipment very rarely have qualified personnel able to assist with knowledge.

Setting up a sound system in a venue is a rather complex process. It should take into account the many aspects of the venue in which it will be used, and its potential application.

The goal of any building dedicated to public addresses and entertainment (churches, school and civic halls, theatres) should be to facilitate easy hearing. Such venues should aid the delivery of a message in song or spoken fashion. If not, a large portion of the goal (to facilitate communication) is not achieved.

With today’s technology and knowledge, much can be done to reach this goal.

Investing in sound means:

  • Training people operating the sound system.  People are always the greatest asset to your business – a great system poorly operated will sound much worse than a bad system well utilised. Remember “ears before gear”.
  • Spending time, effort and funds in selecting and installing suitable sound systems.
  • Utilising acoustic treatments as directed by an acoustician or qualified engineer.
  • Avoiding bargains and advice given by unqualified people (unfortunately there are many out there), for that always backfires.
  • Considering the sound aspect from the planning stages and involving an acoustician when designing a venue from scratch.
  • We are not bound to a specific range of products that we need to sell. Therefore, our recommendations are honest, and based on experience and knowledge, aimed at finding the best solution for a particular project. We do import and are the agent for specific makes, as we have found the price/quality ratio unbeatable; however we will not recommend it if we think it does not match your requirements.