The Triplicity of Sound

Sound has 3 dimensions:

Music – Sound is the substance music is made of. Without sound there would be no music. Not understanding sound equals to poor musical delivery. Conversely great musical understanding aids immensely to sound engineering. Gear without “musical ears” serves no musical purpose.

Technology – The technical dimension of sound engineering empowers the musical. Sound is the perception of a physical vibration, therefore an aspect of sound can be understood and “measured” in scientific and technical terms. Only with a good technical understanding of electronics and physics, can an engineer use effectively the equipment at his disposal.

Spirit – The entire universe has one thing in common – a vibration, a sound. Sound has an undeniable “spiritual” dimension and was and is the creative instrument of God, and if we can understand this concept, then we can truly comprehend the vast potential sound has.

What sets us apart is providing sound solutions in a house of worship environment with this understanding.