I am a long time amateur/semi-pro/hobbyist musician and for me the online course was a really good “map” of the territory to be covered – concepts, equipment, and techniques. I completed it in about 3 weeks – too fast to assimilate all the great content.

The course has given me a really good understanding of the work that I now need to do to bring all of the sound skills required up to a competent level. Although I will use this knowledge mainly in a home project studio environment, it has also given me a much better understanding of the requirements in a live sound situation.

I will incorporate this learning into my practice and may repeat the course or parts of it in more detail at some time in the future. Thanks again for your effort in providing a great course and the materials,

Paddy Mallon
Dublin, Ireland

“It just makes sense… In this day and age with information overload being a true reality, it is a breath of fresh air to have someone like Tim Alicino explain the complexities of sound engineering and make them simple. That in my humble opinion is the mark of a true master of their craft.

The value he created for me personally as a creative artist was immense, and what he gave our church sound team was a knowledge and understanding of core principles of sound. Principles like laws are timeless and unchanging.

Therefore, what you learn from him and the tools you receive can be carried with confidence into your creation of music.

Tim has helped to elevate our regular church service sound system at Everyday People to new heights on more than one occasion. And every time after he has applied his trade, the people experience an awesome worship experience. A class with Tim is really the place where Science and Art meet.”

Emmanuel Aboagye
Creative Director of Dynisty Entertainment

“I have not heard such a fantastic listening environment ever. The room (of the studio Tim built at his house) just “disappears”.

Keith Davies (widely experienced audio engineer and trainer with an unparalleled reputation in the South African broadcast and recording industries, with immense experience and exposure to top audio gear and audio facilities in the UK and SA)

Timoteo Alicino assisted us in three ways. He ran a training workshop for our musicians and sound engineers. Several other churches participated and everyone involved benefitted enormously. Secondly, he had a good look at our equipment and set-up, made necessary adjustments, and advised regarding the way forward. This was most useful. And thirdly, he served as coach and mentor to our musicians, worship leaders and sound engineers; on-job assistance that proved invaluable. Yet most striking of all was the way in which he did all of this – when all is said and done Tim is a highly skilled sound engineer and passionate lover of God who gently, kindly and generously uses his expertise to serve the local church. For this we are grateful!

Gavin Cox
Senior Pastor
Highway Community Church

As the worship director at One Way Community Church I was excited to hear that our leadership had decided to make a major investment into our auditorium’s sound system. Since this was a huge leap forward for us, we searched for a consultant who could assist. Finding a consultant with a vast understanding of the many variables that need to be considered in enhancing your sound that also has a great sense of the worship team’s role in the local church is near impossible.

In Timoteo, we found this and more. Out of all the money we spent, the best spent was on the time we shared in setting up and in training. Timoteo’s knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for sound are contagious and encouraged us to do the best with all the resources we have at our disposal.

Oh, almost forgot to mention, the sound system sounds spectacular…

Nando Pinto

My interaction with Tim was a breath of fresh air. The reason for this is navigating the world of sound and equipment can be daunting. Tim never came across as a sails person but really assisted me and the leaders to make informed decisions. Nothing was ever pushed. Tim has the ability to discern the challenges and offer options as solutions that can suit any price range. Above all his humility and approach to this as a ministry really benefited our local church. His passion for sound and worship inspired us and gave me the confidence that Tim would only benefit the future of worship in our local church. My interactions with Tim was that not business only but a working relationship that can continue into the future. I will not hesitate to recommend him in the future.

Ricky da Silva

‘The Parachute Band had the privilege of working with Timoteo Alicino during our 2007 South African tour.  We found Tim to be a rare mix of technical expertise, spiritual depth and musical perception.  We loved working with him and have recommended him to many churches and artists since that time.’

Mark de Jong CEO Parachute Music/Manager Parachute Band

Teruah sound engineering course was a real eye-opener for me to see how little we knew about the most important aspects of sound. Tim helped us a lot with all the technical and practical issues we have suffered with for so long. The compliments from the congregation are pouring in. I would encourage any church engineer to attend the course; it will give them the extra edge and knowledge to accomplish really what they are called to do.

Wynand – Family Harvest, George

I had been involved with church sound for over 20 years when first introduced to Tim. My four years of studying electronics engineering included majors in audio engineering and others.

Sound was a passion of mine for most of my life. When our church said there was a sound course for us to attend I was not overly enthusiastic because there are so many charlatans out there who are “experts” and I was not interested in having my precious time wasted.

That first meeting I attended of Tim’s really brought tears to my eyes. It was like seeing your whole life in one dimension and then being opened to the world of 3D.

He taught that there are three aspects to doing sound: technical, relational and spiritual. 

The technical was great. He has vast experience and it was so nice hearing someone who’s basis was not opinion but rather research and passion.

Parts 2 & 3 just blew my mind… I don’t have words to explain how important these aspects are and we have never heard of them. The fundamentals of sound as defined in the bible will give you goose bumps and to an experienced engineer it is as if someone has just turned the lights on. 

Tim is passionate (in the original & Italian sense of the word) about three things: God, his Family and Sound. 

This passion drives him to search for wisdom on the topic and find it. He is the most balanced person I could imagine hearing from on the topic of sound engineering in the church. Fundamental, mature and experienced church leaders have a wealth of things to learn from him if they are humble enough to just keep quiet and listen. He offers all this deep understanding through a very humble nature. He has a quiet personality, until the Italian kicks in and he starts talking about his passions. 🙂 

I deeply respect Tim on all levels – His spiritual walk with God, his relationship with his family and his technical knowledge coupled with an amazingly humble nature. 

God has used Tim to revive my passion for God and sound engineering.

My recommendation of him holds no bounds. 

God bless you, Tim. 

Craig Blanckenberg – NHD Elec Eng LC

The delicate balance of maintaining the true “Heart of Worship” is indeed a huge challenge for any leader. Integrating the practical needs of a worship team, the awesome complexities and constraints of sound and applying the technical abilities of sound engineers is an enormous responsibility. Timoteo Alicino’s heart is founded in worship and out of that he brings his vast worldwide experience and presents a fresh, inspiring and very practical teaching for sound engineers.  We see the sound engineers as part of the worship team and in fact a “musician” with a very crucial and essential role. In our partnership of many years with Timoteo, he has helped us refocus, build and strengthen our “worship team”.  We would without hesitation recommend his course.  

Gavin Brent, El Shaddai Christian Church – Durbanville

I attended a concert Timoteo Alicino was mixing and was absolutely amazed of what i heard. Later I heard about the seminars he’s presenting and immediately got Timoteo’s contact details. I have attended an advanced course as well as a separate mixing course and gained a lot of knowledge from the seminars. It had helped me endlessly as a sound engineer. The seminars are presented with extremely practical “hands-on” sessions and that is just what one needs to work in the audio industry. I have learnt about the industry, a variety of equipment, different styles of mixing, techniques etc and most important, I have learnt to appreciate music. 

I would recommend each and every-one passionate about sound and music to attend a seminar conducted by Timoteo Alicino.

Duane Brown – free lance sound engineer

During 2008 I had the privilege of attending a sound course presented by Timoteo Alichino. Although I have been working with sound equipment for over ten years I learned far more than I expected. Truly a man who’s approach to sound is as much an art as it is a science, it was enlightening to say the least. The way I look at, or rather listen to sound, has changed and my ministry enriched.

During the same time he was involved in installing and setting up a new sound system in our venue. What we learned from him during this process was invaluable. The system has far exceeded our expectations and has proven to be more than just professional. Using it is a pleasure to all and the results- amazing. His advice on the setup and acoustics of our venue has also proven very helpful. 

I would definitely recommend Timoteo to anyone who wants to take their knowledge of sound to the next level or install a sound system and wants a professional opinion that can be trusted. 


It is a great privilege for me to know Tim Alicino as a friend and and also as sound engineer. He is not only a gifted engineer but also a true artist with a passion and prophetic vision for sound and excellence. I had the privilege of working with him in a sound seminar in Winterthur, Switzerland in 2003 and it was a great blessing to me as well as all who attended. Our hearts were touched by his example of servanthood and his desire to build up the body of Christ. He is also a gifted teacher with the ability to impart things to others. His mixing skills and ear for sound made it a time of great inspiration and help to all. As well as this, the seminar was a time of deep encounter with God and breakthroughs in many lives in which we were all touched by the Holy Spirit. 

Ken Janz (Canadian producer involved in top show business) 

We played several times in Europe, South Africa, Namibia and Israel with Timoteo Alicino as sound engineer and we’ve been impressed by his very good musical sense. He has not only good technical skills, knowing exactly how to reproduce the right sound of each instrument, according to the different places and audiences, but also a great sensitivity and a good knowledge of many different styles. He’s also a very kind person ready and very available for doing his best to solve any problem on stage. We hope to play with him very soon.” 

Marco Genta (Italian producer/ composer, pianist) & Luca Genta (Italian & Dutch producer/ composer, cello, bass and whistles player)