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New course release: The perfect Mike

Tim’s new course on the wonder of microphones. Launch special $9.99 (normal price 24.99) [youtube]

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The “hardness” test

Maybe there is a different way of matching a mic to a source. Have you ever considered how “hard” a mic is? [youtube]

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Relationally musical

Relationships are as important as electronics for the success of a production. 3 things to remember.   [youtube]

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My gift is my song!

My gift is my song (Elton John), summarises the attitude of a music mixer/producer. [youtube]

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The 3 domains of sound production

Sound production spans over 3 different “domains”. You need to understand them if you want great sound. [youtube]

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How do you choose a speaker?

Selecting a speaker is an involved affair, getting it right is fundamental for your live productions. [youtube]

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3 steps for tone control

Making something sound great requires more than just technical knowledge. Tim explores 3 things to assist you to get there [youtube]