AweDeo: Training for Bands

Our unique weekend training
that employs the mechanics of musical production
to teach bands using their playing.

How it works:
1. A band composes and arranges an original song (prior to the workshop)
2. During the workshop, the song is recorded live in 2 different versions:
• in its most basic form (i.e. piano or guitar and voice)
• in its arranged form (played by the band)
3. Tim “multitrack” records it and plays the professionally mixed recording back.
4. Rene and Tim give feedback on composition, arrangement and audience-impact level.

The band ends up learning immensely, because:
A. their own playing is used as a reference (multitrack recording),
therefore each musician truly hears (with objective distance) his own playing,
B. they can hear themselves sounding great in a record-like mix (inspiration),
C. Rene and Tim are highly skilled in giving feedback that is always encouraging, even if direct,
D. they guys do all the work rather than simply listening to a lecture.

The “live” recording of the song is given to the band/s at the end of the seminar as a reference and a springboard.

For more information on how to host such a seminar at your church or music school,
contact us