Consulting Solutions

Because of our passion for sound, and our desire to help others, we have devised 3 consulting solutions.

A very important part of our approach is to first gather information about the system and the venue. We do so by communicating not only with the engineer/s who runs the system, but also with the sound users (musicians, speakers, as ultimately a sound system is their vehicle) and also the commissioning party.


This analysis can be done over e-mail; it is a very affordable way of checking your system. You simply provide us with information about the system, the venue and the problems experienced and we will deliver a report with suggestions for improvement. Included will be different options available to best utilise your system, as well as some suggestions on where to focus future upgrades.

Estimated cost:  R 3200

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This option combines solution 1 with additional implementing of our suggestions at your venue over the course of a full day.  Added suggestions regarding the acoustics of the room can be provided after assessing the venue.

Estimated cost: Taking into consideration that every project is unique, an average price for the analysis plus implementation on site ranges between R 6000 – R 7 400 (excluding transport and accommodation)

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Considering your needs, your venue, your goals, your budget, and your band, a document will be produced that would:

  • Highlight the weakness of your present system (with SPL mapping data to validate the observations) – this is very important
  • Describe a detailed list of solutions for the different aspects of the system, offering several options for each solution
  • Propose phases, so that the upgrade can be broken down over a period of time  

Estimated cost: Taking into consideration that every project is unique, an average price for this report ranges between R 6400 – R 11 500.

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