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  • Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

    Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

    Absorbing and diffusing ceiling tiles that perform with much higher coefficient level then standard ones. Using the ceiling to absorb sound is a very efficient and unobtrusive way to handle acoustic treatment in any room beside its size and purpose (auditorium, call center…)

  • Lan NP7

    Lan NP7

    High-definition loudspeaker with 90° x 60° axial coverage. Specifically designed for sound reinforcement in applications where it is necessary to give high pressure, high definition sound in low ceiling venues, or where most aesthetic discretion is required. Front fillers for front rows in theaters and concerts. Low profile monitor. with maximum

  • Smart Frame

    Smart Frame

    Smart Frame is the ingenious solution for almost any acoustic panel needs. It holds a 35mm 2100g acoustic material about 5mm away from the wall.  It keeps a small gap between the acoustic material and the fabric / print so the acoustic material does not imprint onto the cover panel.

  • Training 24-25 October


    Training 24-25 October

    Hands-on training

    Especially suited for church volunteers

    A comprehensive and affordable sound course

    The course will cover:
    Sound Production Fundamentals
    Tone, Equaliser and Basic Mixing

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