What makes us different

  1. Our understanding that sound has 3 facets: the spiritual, the musical and the scientific 
  2. Our approach to sound engineering and sound system design:
    • We do not see a sound system as a cold technological tool that makes sound louder. A sound system is (in our opinion) an instrument that, if well planned, tuned and used, is the most powerful tool to assist the delivery of a message. God created through sound and faith comes by hearing!  We know that a sound system is as good as those who use it (ears before gear)
    • If money is empowering, most churches suffer not for a lack of resources but for a lack of knowledge. By simply using what they have better (with few simple additions), they would discover that their system is good enough.
    • We offer advice and solutions that will fit most budgets.
    • We know what “great sound” sounds like! We have made music, contributed to worship and assisted preachers for 25 years on 4 continents.
    • We have a deep understanding of the spiritual power of sound, the implications of music and the complexity of church life.
    • We believe that technology is a great servant but a terrible master. We use technology but never idealize it; equipment exists to aid music and speech, to bridge the gap to the audience and to facilitate the musical and inspirational vision of its users.