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Everyone can hear, but we are not all qualified sound experts. If you are interested in sound engineering, your most valuable investment would be to consult with an experienced audio consultant before spending money.

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“Your gear is as good as your engineer”. The secret to good sound is not the equipment but the engineer! Great gear in the wrong hands will still sound poor. Before spending money on equipment, invest in a good training programme.    

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Listen, Imagine, Create

 Sound: revealing the unseen

My Story

In 1995 while in between two seminars presentations in Wales, I had a life changing encounter with God’s word. I profoundly understood that God created through sound and that sound is His creative tool. That changed radically my view of what I did as a sound engineer. God uses sound to create, and I am fortunate to get in “on the action” and be part of that amazing creative process.

Who am I?

I am a musician and a scientist, passionate about our Heavenly Father and His love, and passionate about worship, sound and music.

What is the point?

On a practical level: CLARITY! A clear sound gets the message across so that faith can be stirred in people’s lives.

On a spiritual level: the invisible and implicit spiritual power sound posses.

We are here to:

Assist houses of worship to improve the sound in their venue – View our Consulting Solutions
Help the body of Christ discover, understand and take full advantage of the “invisible” power of sound
Contribute to a fresh insight of worship.