Accuracy, balance, passion, simplicity, love for music & details are the core principles of our company. Our goal is to apply our knowledge and technology to serve the musical vision of our clients. Therefore, our services revolve around musical production, focusing on consulting and training. Knowledge, expertise, experience and local- and international connections are interwoven with passion, love for music, accuracy and simplicity. The result: a combination of art and science that creates balance and beauty.

The Legend of the Bargain

A legend exists amongst sound users, whereby sales people can talk you into a bargain system with a lot of features. Unfortunately in most cases these turn out to be sales tricks. After 20 years in the sound engineering industry, we can confidently judge that claims of bargains are usually only false legends.

A good unit is made by great components, circuitry and design. Don’t judge a unit by its features. Rather listen objectively to the bargain unit versus better ones. Remember, your ultimate goal is to get a good sounding unit which fits your needs, not to get a bad sounding unit which dictates your limitations. If money is an issue, buy smaller but better sounding, you will not regret it.

We have seen too many venues geared up by bargains. The gear may look really flashy with many little lights, but just don’t turn it on!