The perfect Mike – online course


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A lens to unseen sights, a palette to unpainted pictures a mike is the beginning of a journey of discovery that will lead you to hear the world anew.

Join Tim as he explores the wonders of mikes. The course is super practical with the majority of lectures devoted to specific instruments. With actionable knowledge and many experience-learnt lessons. Besides the instrument-specific techniques, we will also cover 3 miking hows: how to choose, how to place and how to make things sound big and natural.

The perfect mike doesn’t exist but the perfect match does.

The course will enable you to choose and use mikes like never before, making your live and studio productions come alive.

The numbers
39 + 5 (bonus) lectures
19 Assignments, to go over what you learn
3h 16m + 54m (bonus) of video lectures

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