Listen, Imagine, Create

 Sound: revealing the unseen

My Story

In 1995 while in between two seminars presentations in Wales, I had a life changing encounter with God’s word. I profoundly understood that God created through sound and that sound is His creative tool. That changed radically my view of what I did as a sound engineer. God uses sound to create, and I am fortunate to get in “on the action” and be part of that amazing creative process.

Who am I?

I am a musician and a scientist, passionate about our Heavenly Father and His love, and passionate about worship, sound and music.

What is the point?

On a practical level: CLARITY! A clear sound gets the message across so that faith can be stirred in people’s lives.

On a spiritual level: the invisible and implicit spiritual power sound posses.

We are here to:

Assist houses of worship to improve the sound in their venue – View our Consulting Solutions
Help the body of Christ discover, understand and take full advantage of the “invisible” power of sound
Contribute to a fresh insight of worship.