Smart Frame

Smart Frame is the ingenious solution for almost any acoustic panel needs. It holds a 35mm 2100g acoustic material about 5mm away from the wall.  It keeps a small gap between the acoustic material and the fabric / print so the acoustic material does not imprint onto the cover panel.


A 3mm x 15mm rubber strip is sewn onto the edge of the print / face material.  This pushes into the edge of the frame.  Any frame size is possible but the limitation is the width of the material.  Can do 30m (w) by 3m (h) in a single canvas!!

Takes about 2 minutes to change the canvas.

Once the client has invested in the frame system and acoustic material, it can serve as changeable artwork / colour etc. It is ideal for advertising or theme displays.

This system works out cheaper than the conventional 1960’s type timber frame that’s upholstered.

Frames can be powder coated.

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