Martin Strydom

Paddy Mallon – Dublin, Ireland

I am a long time amateur/semi-pro/hobbyist musician and for me the course was a really good “map” of the territory to be covered – concepts, equipment, and techniques. I completed it in about 3 weeks – too fast to assimilate all the great content. The course has given me a really good understanding of the work that I now need to do to bring all of the sound skills required up to a competent level.

Although I will use this knowledge mainly in a home project studio environment, it has also given me a much better understanding of the requirements in a live sound situation. I will incorporate this learning into my practice and may repeat the course or parts of it in more detail at some time in the future.

Thanks again for your effort in providing a great course and the materials.

William Frederick – USA

Hugo Stark – South Africa
Clear starting point. Wonderful pearls of wisdom to “meditate” on. Excellent!

Charles Arnold Gibbs – Windhoek, Namibia
The Material is made easy to understand, speaking two languages already is difficult enough, but having to translate from a musical to a scientific language can be a challenging one, thanks to Tim’s wide experience he is able to convey what the meaning of each term is and how to best describe it between one language and the other.

Jaques de Bruyn – South Africa
Everything makes a lot of sense. For someone with zero knowledge of sound engineering this really starts at the basics of sound. Love it, can recommend to anyone interested in learning about sound and sound-engineering.

Rome, Italy
Great value for money. A must take course for anyone that wants to work in the industry.

Emile Conrad  – George, South Africa
This course is a must not just for Sound Engineers but Musicians as well. Well done Tim! This is very informative and easy to understand.

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