Kind KDX & KQX (2 & 4 Channel) Series

The KDX / KQX series is a range of premium quality, compact size, high power amplifiers designed for live performance use as well as for permanent installations. The KDX / KQX models are based on Class D output circuit controlled by KIND modulator. Thanks to the high efficiency (more than 85%) Class D output circuit, dramatically reduce power distribution demands compared to older high power amplifiers.

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Other great advantages of this technology are: low heat dissipation, compact size, and KIND sonic integrity.

A switchmode technology power supply replace a large heavy AC transformer with a highly efficient and light weight design.

Front accessible dust filter for easy and fast unit cleaning.  Three input connectors type, as Neutrik Combo™ (XLR and 1/4”jack) and 3-pin detachable Europlug (Phoenix), offers professional, semi-pro and installations connection way.

KDX / KQX Series Technical Data


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